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Rudbek Associates, LLC
Software that works
Members of Rudbek Associates, LLC have been providing software for clients for over two decades. Our clients have included
  • Northrup Aviation
  • Computer Automation, Inc.
  • Archive Corporation
  • Fabco, Inc.
  • Metadigm, Inc.
  • Network Software Associates
  • InterPlay Productions
  • Golden Era Productions
  • Hunt Dabney & Associates
  • BEA Aerospace division
  • Seisint, Inc.
  • Neuralynx
  • Kokopelli Technology
  • Neuro Science, Memory and Aging Lab at University of Arizona

  • For a copy of the background material Vic Wagner used at the astronomy presentation for
    the Jackson Amateur Radio Operators convention (2006 August 4), click here

    Handy dandy coding guidelines for professional programmers or wannabes
    If you're serious about learning C++, here's a list of books you should get. vawjr's recommended C++ books

    The docs for a simple Pattern Matching Class for your perusal. If you want the actual code, email me. or find me on IRC (undernet)

    CVS/TortoiseCVS Administration

    When we're on IRC (either from the office or home) the Rudbek family always uses
    The Best IRC Client Out There !!!

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